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The Sims 4 | Secluded by eevam

Secluded for 7 Sims + 1
In 'Bridleton Bay' The Sims 4 there is a secluded lot 30 x 20 where in the Summer it is almost invisible because of the surrounding foliage.

Also, this gem lot is not far from the sea at the front and has the mountains with woodland at the back. Altogether, with this aura of being hidden and private, I built this home with a garden covered entirely with lush leaves, provided by 'Base Game' and 'Island Living' Pack.  

In detail, in this back garden you find in the centre a winding path that leads you and your Sims from the house to the far end of the garden, where you arrive to a corner sheltered by a beautiful tree, so that your Sims can relax and play as well as letting pass the seasons peacefully concealed.

No worries of having a small garden, since you have other outside areas, to be precise six in total.  In reality it is probably because of my Spanish blood that I have this tendency of ensuring that there are outside spaces in all my cr…

The Sims 4 | Rainbow Goggles by Eevam

Rainbow Goggles

The Sims 4 by eevam

Built in NewCrest, 'Rainbow Goggles' is modern looking and stylish to blend in with its surroundings, with a variety of practical entertaining zones in which to relax, eat and unwind.
There is an immediate feeling of impact as soon as you arrive at this home and it's provided by its bold triple height tall canopy. 

The Sims 4 by eevam

This is a home for everyone, specially for a growing family from toddlers to teens, where Sims children can grow up and become a little more independent. And for that reason I gave them the whole top floor with their own exclusive terrace. I built this house before the 'weather pack' so I advise you to put some sort of weather protection where the teen console game is. 

The Sims 4 by eevam

This home is well prepared inside as well as outside, giving priority to outside living. Therefore it has several outside spaces where parents and teens can have their own separate gatherings.

Inside, to take advantage of the downstairs layout, the kitchen cabinets have been allocated in to two individual areas so your Sims can have a centered dining table. 'City Living Pack' brought a blend of style and comfort to this contemporary home.

The Sims 4 by eevam
The Sims 4 by eevam

I wanted to create a sensual home with a relationship between interior-exterior, each of the three floors lead to a different outside zone.  In the kitchen you will find the traditional back door leading to the garden, also in the kitchen there is another back door that takes your Sims to a second outside dining-pool area. 

The Sims 4 by eevam

On the first floor there is a big terrace for the whole family, a huge 'mirador' or 'look out' that takes advantage of the surrounding views and rainbows. This area with its open roof wraps itself around the high building.
I was keen to make an open room-terrace, an everyday living space.  Music and a warm fireplace are the highlights here.

The Sims 4 by eevam,The Sims 4 youtube,The Sims 4 freeplay

Also on the first floor, the master bedroom suite is a true sanctuary having an open walkway to the nursery. The whole floor is dedicated to the young family.

On the second floor teens come to life.  You can see it for yourself, 'Rainbow Goggles' is free to download at my Origin ID or you can follow my steps on my YouTube video about this home (including two tours at Sims eye level) at my YouTube Channel.

Another predominant feature is the double height windows giving plenty of natural light. The windows are tinted light blue which from far away, in the distance, look like huge glasses like 'goggles'. 

The Sims 4 by eevam

I also wanted to bring a little of country perfume and wild foliage. Curving hedges enclose sections of the garden to form elliptical rooms filled with goodies, each one based on a concept related to music, entrainment and leisure.

The Sims 4 by eevam

'Rainbow Goggles' reflects the contrast between city and country living, but somehow both live in harmony in this creation.  The slick structure from the house combines with the lushness of the garden. 
I wanted to pass on my love for gardening, there is a little corner where your Sims can grow their own. 

The Sims 4 by eevam,The Sims 4 youtube,The Sims 4 freeplay

Hope you enjoy playing in this home as well as watching the video. Thank you friends 😉


What I can Offer

Beautiful and delicate paintings full of colour.  Certainly, art in game has to be as good as in real live.
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