The Sims 4 | Secluded by eevam

Secluded for 7 Sims + 1

The Sims 4 'Secluded for 7 Sims+1' by eevam

In 'Bridleton Bay' The Sims 4 there is a secluded lot 30 x 20 where in the Summer it is almost invisible because of the surrounding foliage.

The Sims 4 'Secluded for 7 Sims+1' by eevam

The Sims 4 'Secluded for 7 Sims+1' by eevam

Also, this gem lot is not far from the sea at the front and has the mountains with woodland at the back. Altogether, with this aura of being hidden and private, I built this home with a garden covered entirely with lush leaves, provided by 'Base Game' and 'Island Living' Pack.  

The Sims 4 'Secluded for 7 Sims+1' by eevam

In detail, in this back garden you find in the centre a winding path that leads you and your Sims from the house to the far end of the garden, where you arrive to a corner sheltered by a beautiful tree, so that your Sims can relax and play as well as letting pass the seasons peacefully concealed.

The Sims 4 'Secluded for 7 Sims+1' by eevam

No worries of having a small garden, since you have other outside areas, to be precise six in total.  In reality it is probably because of my Spanish blood that I have this tendency of ensuring that there are outside spaces in all my creations.  

One terrace, upstairs, for BBQ and chilling out plus two more balconies one for each bedroom.  A look out downstairs, at the front, for relaxing and reading if you like.  And another enclosed by a downstairs bedroom and the main garden at the back to socialise.

The Sims 4 speed build by eevam

Private entrance and a hall which leads to a spacious living room.  All in all with gorgeous proportions that include pieces of furniture from the 'Island Living' and 'City Living' Pack and also art from  Origin ID: Anna_Vel_Anna  to add depth and interest.
Purple and cream were chosen to match the colour scheme in the garden.

The Sims 4 Home ts4 by eevam

The kitchen, using 'Island Living' cabinets (I just like this Pack so much) is very complete and cute. Not only is it situated at the heart of this home but also it has two outside doorways to the garden at the back as well as a little patio at the side. 

The Sims 4 speed build by eevam

Furthermore, this patio is weather proof, for those Simmers that have 'Weather Pack' and rain comes unexpectedly. From here you can reach two more bedrooms, one of them with a sleeping pod, that works like a regular bed, in which you can sleep, relax and woohoo. 

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The upstairs layout was driven by a desire to include plenty of space for everyone in your family Sims.  In particular, two en-suite bedrooms sharing a cosy snug to play games, TV area and BBQ terrace.  In total there are four ample bedrooms, you can say you can easily put 8 Sims living here.

The Sims 4 Secluded modern house by eevam

All the bedrooms and bathrooms are decorated and well equipped.  Moreover, there are white wooden floors all around to make the house  feel modern and clean as well as adding an exclusive floor pattern downstairs in the living room.

The Sims 4 by eevam

Be captivated by the back garden which is layered with waves of different plants and fabulous foliage, which I believe is appropriate for the house and location.

The Sims 4 'Secluded for 7 Sims+1' by eevam

The planting  style reflects a certain mood, which is in this case 'Secluded'.
This creates the atmosphere of cool, sheltered courtyards and hot sunshine, evoking a sense of mystery and secrecy. 
That is complementing a romantic landscape and all those details from this home activated by build mode.  

Hope you and your Sims enjoy this home and if you want to see more there is a video on YouTube only 9 min long with music for you.  My YouTube Channel Link.  Thank you everyone.       


What I can Offer

Beautiful and delicate paintings full of colour.  Certainly, art in game has to be as good as in real live.
Choose where your living room will go. Also, choose how many bedrooms you need or...
Following, a selection of videos to watch and an insight into the process.
Equally, homes in your game where all is done for you, with a combination of design and comfort.
Meanwhile, read about my work coming from a game player builder.
Not only I thank Maxis, but also to all my friends ♡


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