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The Sims 4 | Secluded by eevam

Secluded for 7 Sims + 1 In 'Bridleton Bay' The Sims 4 there is a secluded lot 30 x 20 where in the Summer it is almost invisible because of the surrounding foliage. Also, this gem lot is not far from the sea at the front and has the mountains with woodland at the back. Altogether, with this aura of being hidden and private, I built this home with a garden covered entirely with lush leaves, provided by 'Base Game' and 'Island Living' Pack.   In detail, in this back garden you find in the centre a winding path that leads you and your Sims from the house to the far end of the garden, where you arrive to a corner sheltered by a beautiful tree, so that your Sims can relax and play as well as letting pass the seasons peacefully concealed. No worries of having a small garden, since you have other outside areas, to be precise six in total.  In reality it is probably because of my Spanish blood that I have this tendency of ensuring th

About me

Hello, my name is Eva Maria.

I studied and worked in Spain on product design, always very keen on detail. Currently living in England and working as a landscape designer. I have always had a passion for architecture.

I found the Sims 4 building program very cool and fun to work with. So I started building homes for sims as a hobby, exclusive designs for you with a functional layout.
In addition, I also introduce into the game some paintings, imported by my sim-artist, so you, my friends, can give your sim’s homes and rooms an extra colour and sophistication.

Origin ID: Eevam It’s probably two years old, if you visit you can find a little bit of everything, from Houses to Paintings even Sims.

Origin ID: EevamM is where I store paintings + Christmas pics that are not shown in my previous account anymore.


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